Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

basic life support bls training

Using HD videos this ONLINE Basic Life Support (BLS) Training course is specially designed to help workers recognise emergency situations, treat conditions and day to day injuries and ensure you take the right course of action in an emergency.


  • Role of the First Aider
    • Casualty Management
    • Priorities of Treatment
    • First Aid Kits
    • Record Keeping
  • Emergency Life-Saving Procedures
    • The Primary Survey
    • CPR Adults
    • AED Defibrillators
    • The Recovery Position
    • Choking – Adults and Children
  • Bleeding and Shock
    • Serious Bleeding
    • Treating Shock
  • Trauma
    • The Secondary Survey
    • Fractures and Slings
  • Burns
    • Burns
  • Final Assessment
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) Training Assessment